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Objective Markers - AOS and 40k Compatible, Set of 8


Color: Blue


Finally, the perfect objective marker that is compatible with Age of Sigmar and Warhammer 40k.  One marker that covers BOTH game systems clearly and concisely without disputes.  Take your gameplay to the next level, have fun, and spend more time rolling dice instead of measuring!  

Our markers are a polypropylene resin, 1.5mm thick with a full color screen print.  Additionally, each marker has a protective film on the printed side they will arrive with.  They are bendable, strong, durable and made to last for years.

Let's discuss measurements!  Starting in the center, there is a 1mm translucent circle, this is your "pinpoint" hole for placement on your game table, essential.

40k: The black circle around the crown measures exactly 40mm to mark a 40k objective token.   Outside of this, a thick black line on the brightly colored marker, with the writing "192.4mm" written on the objective marker itself.  The outside of this line is exactly 192.4mm for 40k.  This is 3 inches from the 40mm objective circle.  If you touch that line, you are in! Simple, effective, and clear.  

AOS: The translucent circle measures exactly 6" diameter, with "6"" written on the markers, 3 inches from the center pinpoint of the objective.  These are for your close and personal objectives.  The outside of the marker is brightly colored, highly visible on any game mat, and measures 12" diameter, 6" radius from the pinpoint in the center.  If your models are on the color, you are in!  It is that simple.  

TLDR:  12" (AoS) & 192.4mm (40k) Premium objective markers.  Both systems in one!

One "Set" contains 8 objective markers.

These are a Baron of Dice Original.  They are in no way affiliated with Games Workshop, Mantic Games, Kings of War, or any other brand. All designs are on BaronOfDice.com!

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All dice are Baron of Dice originals. We are in no way affiliated with Games Workshop, Star Wars, Marvel, or any other brand.