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General Movement Dice




These contain a matte black dice and inlaid with a bright white ; resin 16mm dice. Keep track of each general movement phase ability and more!  You once forgot which unit advanced, you once misplaced your advance and charge reminder token.... now you come prepared with 6 tokens in every 1 die!  Our premium dice now come in a unique reusable tin or plastic tube when purchased in x10 counts.

Compatible with all those tokens you keep losing...

These are a Baron of Dice Original.  They are in no way affiliated with Games Workshop, Mantic Games, Kings of War, or any other brand. All designs are on BaronOfDice.com!

Delivery and Shipping

Each set of dice is hand packed and placed into a padded envelope for secure shipment. Every shipment is shipped with USPS First Class mail unless otherwise noted. If you are experiencing a delay or stalled package please contact us.

*If you want da package painted red, please ask. Red packages go FASTA!


All dice are Baron of Dice originals. We are in no way affiliated with Games Workshop, Star Wars, Marvel, or any other brand.