The best question out there.  Why us? Our dice are simply better. 

We use premium resin materials, add colored dye and hand mix each color to our desired result. Then we carefully swirl 2, 3, even 4 colors inside a silicone mold, laser engrave a wicked symbol, inlay each side of the die and finish with a polish or matte finish! 

There are no imperfections in our dice, there are no balancing issues, no micro-bubble issues.  There are no mold lines. This is the difference between mass produced, injection-molded acrylic dice vs a hand mixed resin product. You, quite literally, will feel and hear a difference with our dice. Don't let us be the only ones to tell you, check out the reviews!

Hell yes we do!  Grass-root movements and local involvement speak to
us.  Please reach out to the Baron of Dice for details; our email is: BaronOfDice@gmail.com

We want to help!  Design your own custom dice right here: https://baronofdice.com/products/custom-dice

Please send Baron of Dice an email!  We are constantly evolving and growing our collections;
sometimes, your design might be exactly what we are looking for!  Our
email is: BaronOfDice@gmail.com