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Defense Turrets - Chapters Headquarter

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The Defense Turrets is a set of four small defense turrets with articulating turret heads. It comes with all four gun options- assault cannon, bolter, laser and plasma. They require assembly, but have a peg and groove system to aid with gluing.

-What's Included 

4 Defense Turrets in 20 pieces. 

In 32mm scale, each turret measures 76x94x41mm / 3.0x3.7x1.6 inches.

In 28mm scale, each turret measures 66x82x36mm / 2.6x3.2x1.4 inches.

In 20mm scale, each turret measures 46x58x25mm / 1.8x2.3x1.0 inches.

In 15mm scale, each turret measures 40x49x22mm / 1.6x1.9x0.9 inches.

All items come unpainted in non-toxic gray PLA. Some assembly may be required. We inspect all of our products prior to shipment, but due to the nature of 3d printing, some objects may require some cleanup prior to use. Other print resolutions (print quality) and scale (size) are available as requested. This item is designed by War Scenery and is available at WarScenery.com.

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