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Cracked Earth - Neoprene Battle Mat - Warhammer, AoS, 40K, Kill Team, MCP, Shatterpoint, Legion, More

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Our battle mats are uniquely engineered from the bottom up to provide the best tabletop wargaming experience possible. From the ink quality to the raw materials selected these mats will elevate your games to a whole new level.

Battle mats are perfect for games like Warhammer 40k, Warhammer Age of Sigmar, Dungeons and Dragons, Star Wars Legion, Star Wars Shatterpoint, Marvel Crisis Protocol, Kill Team, Warcry, Pathfinder, Malifaux, Horus Heresy, Conquest, Bolt Action, Team Yankee, and Batman.

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The battle mat itself is light and easy to roll, unroll, and carry while also having fantastic wrinkle resistance. They have great cushion for your games while sticking to all sorts of table surfaces they are put on. If you've used neoprene mats to play before, you'll notice that ours are easier to roll and unroll than the others in the market - while still having the same qualities that make neoprene mats the best in the market.

Our sublimation inks used are of the best quality ensuring the image will not fade over time and that all the high-definition details remain visible as your armies rack up their victories. The entire mat is waterproof and stain resistant too.

All our mats include a high-quality canvas carrying bag that provides extra protection and helps with storing the mats and transporting them to a local game store or a friend's house. The extra durability of the canvas bag helps ensure the mats don't crease or wrinkle during storage or transportation.

We also include a rolling core with all mats allowing quicker rolling when finished and it ensures the mat doesn't bend or fold while being carried or stored.

Check out our YouTube video about the battle mats here https://youtu.be/jnC-6rDS-KA

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