Copy of JESTER 2

Copy of JESTER 2

Don't quite see the dice you are looking for?  Here is an option for YOUR custom dice!  Choose 1, 2, or 3 colors for a wicked swirling effect and any color for the inlay (color of symbol and pips).  You provide the logo and have full control.

The minimum quantity is 500 dice.  Shipping charges will vary depending on region ordered from and calculated separately, on average shipping within the US is $40, Europe $85, and Australia $120 for a full x1,000 dice.  Let us make those custom dice you have dreamed about!  Worried about quality?  C'mon!  We produce dice for Play On Tabletop, AOS Worlds, including: Team USA, Germany, Belgium, Australia, Germany and Denmark, Deployment Zone, Battleshock Wargaming, Cinderfall Wargaming, Northern Invasion to name a FEW. These will make your friends jealous.

Please upload an SVG or Black and White PNG file without a background. A great resource is to get an SVG version of your image!
(Note: this is a preview of your custom dice. Higher resolution images can used and modified. Dice colors CAN AND WILL VARY, THESE ARE HAND SWIRLED PREMIUM RESIN DICE).  Regardless of quantity, our lead times are 8-12 weeks plus shipping from USA to you. If you want the Baron's input, shoot us an email to

These are a YOU original.  They are in no way affiliated with Games Workshop, Mantic Games, Kings of War, or any other brand. 

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This is the ultimate! But, you know, perfection takes time and effort! Here's the process:

  • Design: Create your badass design! This has to be a custom design! Copyright Ingringement and Obscene Graphics will likely be rejected! Use your common sense. If you have questions, please contact us. Use our awesome generator, it will give you a good idea of what your dice will look like!

  • Submit your Order: Great, you've made your choices and submitted the order! Now the Baron himself needs to review the order and make sure everything is perfecto. We'll make sure the design is perfect, confirm sizing, etc. etc.

  • Production: These are a lot of custom dice and the Baron has entire domain to run. Lead time is 12-18 weeks for production.

  • Shipment: Once the dice are complete, it's time to send them by carrier pigeon. Any outstanding balance on your order is due at this time. Depending on where you live, your custom dice will arrive as quickly as our little birdies can carry them. (Eagles only available in continental United States, Kangaroo optional in Australia and New Zealand)

  • You Win! Roll the dice and be the envy of the entire kingdom.
  • Copy of JESTER 2